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My love for nature, interest in Chinese xin philosophy, and commitment to a collaborative approach and affective engagement drive my research practices. I have focused on the individual disconnection from nature and the crisis of the subject in modernity. COVID-19 created a unique context in which people worldwide experienced lockdowns and faced challenges such as fear and loneliness. However, the stress caused by lockdowns has pushed people to reconnect with their surroundings and seek a breather.

From 2020 to 2023, I embarked on a collaborative journey with four communities, fostering a reconnection between individuals, their environments, and each other through socially engaged art. Together with the participants, I absorbed energy from our interactions and encounters with nature, creating collective healing moments. This process reshaped our affective connections with our surroundings, fostering a shared sense of belonging.

This digital archive presents the creative outcomes of my interactions with participants. 

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